Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This July is a wonderful month!

This is a special July.
July is birthday month for my sister, my brother and myself.
With cheers and happiness.

Start from this July, my Dear no longer work for his own but join me as "上班一族"
The routine working life will then start from 8am to 5pm.
I cannot reach him anytime, anywhere simply like the pass few years.
So, this is a new challenge for us and seriously i really not use to it for the beginning few days but i am still exciting that he have a different start. Everything seem so fresh to me and we have different topic and idea to share. I think he also cannot really use to it.
My dear fall sick due to the heavy work load, but he still resist to celebrate birthday with me. Thanks to my dear for the birthday celebration, accompany me for shopping which i can buy anything i like and all those stuffs are my birthday present. This is my last single birthday as after this we will get married so we really enjoy our sweet time.

Also, this July. My cousin in Singapore have a new born baby girl and another cousin register his marriage. Good news is around and with cheers and happiness. Wonderful July 2011.


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七月真令人感到幸福啊 =)

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