Tuesday, February 23, 2010




所以也要顺便解释一下,我们没什么事啦!放心!Ok ^^








至于情人节礼物,我收到一个心型的小枕头曼娟老师的新书-你是我生命的缺口,还有FERRERO ROCHER的巧克力
还有,Dear也送了一个external hardisk 给我,所以不怕照片没有地方储存了!Hurray ^^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Saturday, February 13, 2010

谢谢你们 ~ 新年快乐!




Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Life in PENANG Island

Sorry for not blogging for the pass 10 days...
I am busy, busy, busy, and busy...

For everybody information, i am now in Penang Island!

I think is time to write a short update...
Hmm, in fact i feel guilty to my blog and readers of no new post ^^
I cant type Chinese as i m using the office computer now...
Also, too bad i cant online at the place i currently stay
I guess there is some problem to my laptop wireless because cannot really detect the DNS
and i still no time to find out how to fix it....

Anyway, lets talk about the trip and my new life in Penang.

27th Jan 2010, i went to Bangkok... I fly from Alor Star to LCCT then only transit to Bangkok. Surprisingly met one old friend in Alor Star airport after quite many years we never meet each other. He is back for holidays and her sister wedding in Kuching. I believe he will have an enjoyable trip in Kuching! [This remind me of my incomplete Kuching Trip Post in my blog! -.-"]

I arrive KL on 30th Jan after crazily shopping in Bangkok, and the next day i went to Genting to see M-Girls concert, which performed by my best friend, Queenzy (members of M-Girls). Thanks Queenzy for the VIP seat. Initially i plan to go back PJ after the show, but i got a free Deluxe room in First World, which is given by Hai-O representative. So, i stay there for a nite and be the Poker Queen as the below pic: ^^ Chers!
1st of Feb, i come down from Genting and straight away go back to my old office to see my ex-boss and took my practicing certificate, then evening i fly back to my hometown Alor Star. Same day after i reach Alor Star, i drove to Penang. OMG, what a pack schedule!I only stay at home for one hour then leave my sweet home again!

I am now in PENANG safely. No worries, my friends! I'm gonna to miss you all!

About a week here already, still blur blur with everything especially always take the wrong turn. Many ppl told me that as long as you dint cross the Penang Bridge, you are still in Penang! So, what i need to do is always make sure my petrol is full... Hahaha..
Overall, I think Penang will be a great place to stay and i feel grateful every morning when i go to work... You know why? Because i can cleary see the scene of ocean! Wow, how romantic of my day!Haha~

And last, i want to deliver my special thanks to Akira... (Regarding what? Remember to follow my blog of subsequent post...Haha)

I start my new life, and i m really enjoy!