Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today is my first day of exam!
I found no words to describe how tension i am!
Yesterday night i slept at about 2:30am and today morning i woke up at 6:30am..
Everything is just because of the Jurisprudence paper!
I think, the jurisprudence paper is meant for those students who are very good in English and have ton of ideas. The studies of Jurisprudence is all about the legal philosophy and I actually not really like it. Why? Hmm.. The reason i don't like this subject is because i am not really good in English and i cant express my opinion in English fluently. I am good if i can write in Chinese!Haha~
Anyway, i learn a lesson. That is : -
" I need to improve my English and my writing skill! " (Thats why i am blogging in English! ^o^)
Although I am nervous and stressful, but i am glad the exam is started finally. Once it start, i know where is the end! Haha..
Jia You!!! :)
Good Luck for all my friends who are having the exam too!
All the Best ya!
Lets Gambate!!

Monday, April 16, 2007





Friday, April 13, 2007

Separate LRT coaches for men and women

Separate LRT coaches for men and women is a new gender issue that hotly debate recently. In my opinion, it is not appropriate as it is difficult to separate the crowd. As we all know, during the peak hour, there is always the situation that women more than men. If this is enforced, some of them may miss their trip. This will be a waste of time. It will be more complicated for the passenger to choose the coach.
On the other hand, what's going to happen with potential tourists especially the mat sallehs? Obviously, they will feel weird with our cultural and if they are in one groups(men and women) it will probably discourage them from take LRT. Malaysia will reflected as a very conservative country and apperently show that we are practising and enforcing the islamic conventional morality. Come on.. we are multi-racial country... Such rule will ‘smear the reputation’ of a city...
What is the root of the problem? Gender sensitivity. The community must be educated to respect each other. Segregation is not the answer. Men are everywhere. Sexual harassment can take place anywhere as well.
Instead of focusing the gender issues and coming up with mind of numbing rules, it would be better to think of ways to educate boys and men on being respectful to women. I think, introduce gender sensitivity at all levels of education, primary, secondary and tertiary is a must!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

988 Live Concert

After a week of the marathon study, i decided to take a break when one of my coursemate- Sok Ting told me that she got the tickets of 988 live Concert!
So, yesterday night we spend our whole night in Sunway breach!!!Unexpectedly, we met a lot of UM friends...Haha!!Undergraduates nowaday are so passionate with the concert ya!!What more fantastic is we saw the artists came out from Sunway Hotel and i like crazies who just keep press the camera's capture button!Btw, too bad the artists walk too fast and i cant really capture a nice photo...
The concert was really crowded but enjoyable!

Friday, April 06, 2007

The library is my new home...

It’s not been a particularly eventful day, but it’s probably for that reason that I’m feeling the need to do an update right now. Life is too monotonous...everyday keep doing the same thing!Sigh!!
Haha, as the above title, obviously you can guess where am i now. Seem everyday, i will come over to hang around at the library. Well, i am actually appreaciate that we have a nice library at this Law School. But too bad its always so cold ...almost frozen even got 2 sweater!!Perhaps we are at London now!Haha~ (Just another cold jok from Nicole-my hardworking coursemate who study together with me in library...)
With exam season coming soon, and the inevitable increase of studiers in the library, i become more stress and nervous! 3rd years, not a year of entails a lot of reading and brain storm. Not much time left, i feel that i really need to swot for the exam.
I asked around my coursemate and seniors as well to give me an idea of the topics probably coming in the exam. This had me a little concerned, as you never know what's coming in the test and questions tend to be kinda tricky. Hopefully the exam question not too difficult lar...
Hmm...ok lar...I need to go...